Beef Cuts

04 July 2016

Meat the mombie:

Chuck steak which hails from the font part of the cow - is very popular and considered the best choice for a good, meaty soup.

Rib and ribeye steaks are perfect for a skillet or roast.

Short loin
Steaks from the short loin are tender, full of flavour and extra juicy because they’re made of muscles that don’t get a lot of excercise.

When it somes to steak, the 4 sirloin cuts are considered the best! Perfect for the grill. Note: Don’t overcook - they’ll loose much of their flavour.

The round is mostly used for ground beef. It is also home to the round- or tip steak: delicious when pan-fried!

A relatively long and flat cut, flank steak can be grilled, pan-fried, broiled or braised for increased tenderness. It is perfect for a good stir-fry!

Due to the animal’s constant use of this muscle, the shank is quite tough, dry and sinewy. A longer cooking time in moist heat makes it a perfect cut for soup.

The meat from the brisket and the plate, which comes from the side of a cow’s ribcage, is naturally and notoriously tough. That makes it an ideal cut for a good slow cooked stew, perfect for winter.

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